Shopify Dubai Experts: Tips on Designing Your Online Store

So many products and services are now being sold online through ecommerce sites. So if you want to get the customers that you want, you have to make sure you don’t only have a functioning website but also a website that is uniquely designed and stands out compared to your competitors. One of the ways to do that is to create your business site using Shopify.

Although Shopify is easy to use, you still need to know some basic concepts in designing your website for ecommerce so that you can be sure that you are creating a site where customers can easily shop and easily find what they are looking for. Here are some tips on how to design your Shopify store from Shopify Dubai experts:

Buttons for Changing Options

Customers just hate it when they cannot make the choices they want, so if you are designing your ecoomerce site, you always have to put the option of changing previous choices like quantity, model, delivery address, etc. Think about all the basic information that a shopper might want to change and put them there on your website.

Make Your Search Bar Visible at All Times

Most of us don’t even think about this; we just expect that the search bar is there on every page when we are visiting a page. ¬†Shopify Dubai experts say that at if your search bar is not visible, chances are customers will not have the patience to stay and look for the product or service on their own. They will just go to another website or make a general search on Google. In other words, you risk losing profits when you do not follow this particular design tip.

Use High Quality Photos

Online stores and online selling are basically ¬†done using one’s eyes. So, if the eyes don’t find what they are seeing as attractive, then they would just focus on something else. Don’t want your customers to leave? Use high quality photos on your site. These do not only add credibility for your business but also holds the attention of your customers, thus increasing the chances of them buying your products online. Don’y use blurred or pixelated photos especially for your products shots.

Show The Shopping Cart

When customers are shopping online, they want to make it easy to add items on their shopping cart and make changes afterwards. That’s why you should have your website shopping cart always visible on your site so that customers don’t have to go back and forth trying to find it. It’s there when they need it and they can always make changes on it. If the shopping cart is not visible, customers may just end up being annoyed and stop the whole shopping process.

These are just some of the few important tips when designing your ecommerce site using Shopify. You can start on your own and try to figure out Shopify until you become quite familiar with it. After that, you then contact experts if you need more customized features.


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